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About Us

Founded as a family company in 1978, Elite Automotive was starting business of on retail, wholesale automotive spare parts, has started to provide services to the automotive industry. Following years, Elite Automotive has developed itself and Elite Cooling was established for the production of fan blades in 2000, becoming the group company to operate under the name Elite Group. In subsequent years, Elite Cooling has become one of the leading fan blade manufacturers for the different sectors of industries. Elite Plast is founded in 2014 with capital of their own to Elite Group, has joined of group companies. Elite Plast was starting with the production of plastic pallets for our customers operating in different sectors for serving according to their demands with the most appropriate solution. Our particular hygienic pallets comply with nutrient & pharmaceutical production conditions are preferred by all of the nutrient and pharmaceutical industry companies. In addition to hygienic pallets, our production of nestable & rackable plastic pallets for use in export and heavy industry are designed for most appropriate solution. Elite Group’s production is currently available in over 800 varieties of products, exports to 32 different countries. Today is manufacturing in based on 15000m² area with high-tech machinery and control equipment

Our Vision;

To be a leader-oriented company by constantly improving our products based on quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Our Mission;

To be the leader and solution center of the supply chain by producing products that fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers operating in different fields of the industry with the principle of protecting our natural resources.

Our Values;

Our Employees:

Our core value is our employees and employee qualifications. It is our primary duty to increase our talents and happiness by enabling our employees to improve.

Our products and services:

It is the first condition of our existence that our products, which we continuously develop based on quality principles, are appreciated by our valued customers.

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