General Purpose Plastic Pallet 80x100cm K

800 x 1000 x 140 mm General Purpose Plastic Pallet Without Runner Close Desk


Genel Amaçlı Plastik Palet 80x100cm K grubu;

The General Purpose Plastic Pallet is ideal for medium-sized loads. It is a suitable carrier and a reliable carrier. It is divided into many size and model groups according to customer preference. Unprocessed PP raw material and first quality recycling are produced from PP raw material. Despite the low weight of molten plastic in the highest level distribution indicator of the pallet content, it has a high bearing capacity. It can be produced with custom color options. It is easy to clean and does not suffer from deformations such as insects or rot. There are safety tabs and stretch film holders for use areas with or without skids, covered and top optionally. Company-specific logo printing and coloring options are also available. Minimum production quantity is required for our products that are not in stock in special color options.

General Purpose Plastic Pallet size options: 80 × 100, 80 × 110, 80 × 120, 80 × 130. 90 × 100, 90 × 110, 90 × 120, 90 × 130. 100 × 100, 100 × 110, 100 × 120, 100 × 130, 110 × 110, 110 × 120, 110 × 130. As the general purpose plastic pallet group, it has the most variety of dimensions. Different sizes are preferred because of many reasons such as usage areas, stacking, product volume produced and packaging. Thanks to this size range, we offer the lowest cost and useful solutions for the use of our valued customers.

. Tekirdağ - Muratlı Organized Industrial Zone Molds of products We manufacture in our own molding room located in Tekirdağ - Muratlı Organized Industrial Zone. For this reason, we also develop custom designs without higher costs than necessary. We design all our plastic pallet development and production processes for you in our own molding and production facilities under one roof. We can meet the special requests and demands of our valued customers.

We are proud to export to many countries of the world with our molding house, R&D, logistics and production facilities. With the Meridian Group D.O.O, which we cooperate in the Bosnia and Herzegovina - Saray Bosnia region for exports to the European region, we expand our distribution network and provide easier access to products. Meridian Group D.O.O .

As Elite Plast, we work diligently without compromising our quality and trust policy in order to meet the demands of our valued customers.

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Weight 7,3 kg
Dimensions 80 × 100 × 14 cm

Siyah, Gri


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